10 Best Lines From ‘Mixology’


When Mixology last left us, Liv‘s fiancé Jim walked into the bar just as she was kissing Ron.

And on this Wednesday’s episode, the two deal with the aftermath. Should she make things right with Jim and marry him after all … or end things with him and pursue her attraction to Ron?

Tune in to Mixology every Wednesday at 9:30/8:30c on ABC to see how everything unfolds!

Check out the 10 funniest one-liners from the 10th episode:

“I’m very good at table tennis. I’m excellent at recording songs off the radio that all of us like to enjoy. And I’m a phenomenal hugger.” — Bruce, explaining his talents

“You showed up drunk, you puked in my purse, and then you kissed another girl while I was talking to you.” — Jessica to Ron, after he wants another chance

“Seeing you here .. in your vest … I just know I want to be with you.” — Liv trying to win back Jim

“I’m going to make my beautiful girlfriend disappear. Honey, I heard there’s a sale at the shoe store.”  — Jim’s “magic trick”

“Marrying Jim would have been like marrying a house plant or a piece of toast.” — Maya to Liv

“I gave up on my music. Your friend said some very mean things to me, so I packed up my guitar and it changed my life forever.” — Dominic attempting to get Jessica to stay at the bar

“Congrats on turning 27. You went another year without dying. What an amazing feat, you didn’t fall down a manhole this year.” — Bruce teasing his new friend about having a birthday party

“I guess I got a little nervous about getting married too. The day I proposed I put a radish in a bolognese.” — Jim to Liv

“Can we just go home put on our pajamas and watch Mike & Molly? — Liv trying to butter up Jim

“I want to eat food that might kill me. And I want to play with elephants. And I want to meet Omar Sharif.” — Liv, explaining why she wanted to go to India