Jordan Knight and Nick Carter Announce Joint Album, Tour


As if Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block‘s joint tour as NKOTBSB wasn’t enough!

On Wednesday morning, Jordan Knight and Nick Carter made the monster announcement that they have formed their own spin-off duo, Nick & Knight … and they’ll be releasing an album on September 2 and going on tour.

In fact, a snippet of their song, “Just the Two of Us,” can be heard in the video above!

“Me and Nick have combined our talents, our super powers, and now we are a new duo called ‘Nick & Knight,’” Jordan explained on Good Morning America. “We recorded a whole new album and are going on tour September 15.”

As for their album, Nick described it as: “It’s a bunch of our pop, rock, R&B and urban. It’s all mixed together to create ‘Nick & Knight.'”

For more info and to pre-order Nick & Knight, check out their official site here!