Ryan Reveals His New Puppy on ‘Ellen’: Watch


The day has come … Ryan has finally unveiled the puppy he has been talking about for months!

After revealing that her name is Georgia on On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday morning, he stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and showed the world the first photo of the cutie, a black Labrador Retriever.

“It could just be a stock photo of a dog you bought like some place,” Ellen joked before Ryan revealed Georgia (watch the video above). “Is this really your dog?”

“Yes, row 6 seat 7 thank you very much for letting me borrow your dog picture,” he quipped back. “This is really my dog. This is the first time anyone’s ever seen a picture of my dog.”


Although Georgia is not home with Ryan just yet, her name has been on his mind for some time. “I had the name before I had the dog,” he explained. “So I came up with a name and I got so excited about the name that I figured okay I have to follow through with the deadline and getting the dog. So I’m from the state of Georgia, so I named her Georgia.”

Ellen, who is a big animal lover and dog owner herself, gave Ryan some advice on raising a puppy, especially the dreaded teething phase.

“That nice house you live in that I sold you? That’s gonna, he’s, she’s gonna chew up every piece of furniture. Every piece of furniture is gonna be chewed up in that house.”

But Ryan explained that he plans on bringing the puppy with him to work as much as possible!

How cute is Georgia?