Watch Extended First Look at FOX’s ‘I Wanna Marry Harry’


After two 30-second teasers of FOX’s upcoming dating spoof, I Wanna Marry Harry, we now have an extended first look … and it’s royally hilarious!

Not only do we get to know “Prince Harry” (lookalike actor Matthew Hicks) and the 12 American ladies competing for his heart a little better, but the show’s producers and the actor portraying the prince’s butlers also explain how they pulled off the spoof.

In the video, the 12 women — who initially did not know the identity of their bachelor — are driven to the English mansion for the first time, and their reactions are priceless! “We’re at Downton Abbey!” exclaims one.

The ladies are then sat outside on the mansion’s lush grounds for afternoon tea when a helicopter lands and their mystery man is whisked away quickly.

“We were definitely thinking, like, who is this guy,” says Karina.

“We had a bunch of different theories,” adds Kimberly. “One was an actor, one was an athlete, and the obvious one is that he’s Prince Harry.”

They get the opportunity to figure it out when they meet him for the first time at a masquerade party that night. “I was very nervous actually,” admits “Harry” in the video. “One woman is scary enough … 12 is absolutely terrifying.”

For all the fairytale dates, partying, and tears, check out the video above! And don’t miss the premiere of  I Wanna Marry Harry on Tuesday, May 27, at 8/7c on FOX.