Jordan Knight and Nick Carter Play ‘I Want It Cat Way’: Video


Andy Cohen‘s late-night Bravo show Watch What Happens Live never disappoints!

On Wednesday’s episode, Nick Carter and Jordan Knight were on to promote their new side project, Nick & Knight … but of course, Andy could not let them live down their boy band pasts.

In fact, he had Nick and Jordan face off in a game called “I Want It Cat Way,” for which they were shown old photos of boy bands with their faces replaced by cat heads, and they had to guess who it was.

Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. Watch:

While in the Bravo clubhouse, Nick and Jordan also showed Andy how to dance like he’s in a boy band for another game, “Teach Me Your Talent.”

And of course, Andy had to ask Jordan and Nick their thoughts on Justin Bieber and his issues … and if they think he can bounce back.