Celebrate David Beckham’s Birthday With His 39 Sexiest Moments: GIFs


Happy birthday, David Beckham! The soccer star turns 39-years-old on Friday.

Whether he’s in a soccer uniform or modeling his H&M bodywear line, the proud father of four and husband to Victoria is equally famous for his soccer skills and his undeniable good looks.

In celebration of his birthday, here are David’s 39 sexiest moments:

1. When he goes for a run

David Beckham Running 1

… in his underwear

David Beckham Running 2

2. Whenever he shows off his sensitive side and sheds a few tears


3. When looks intelligent and cultured in thick-rimmed glasses


4. Or whenever he rocks a suit


5. Because he’s always well-groomed

David Beckham Groomed

6. When he’s rocking the scruff

David Beckham Scratching Scruff

7. When he spends time with his fans

David Beckham Fan 1

David Beckham Fan 3

8. and comforts them

David Beckham Fan 2

9. When he’s in sexy daddy mode

David Beckham Kiss Harper 1

David Beckham Kiss Harper 2

10. When he makes funny faces for his kids


11. When he reads the morning paper

David Beckham Reading Newspaper

12. Have you noticed his million-dollar smile?

David Beckham Thumbs Up

13. You’ve probably seen it while he’s eating

David Beckham Grabbing Breakfast

14. He basically does everything with a smile

David Beckham Grabbing Coffee

15. When he stares into your soul with those hazel-green eyes


16. When he’s in uniform

David Beckham Soccer Jersey

17. And plays soccer … shirtless

David Beckham Soccer Shirtless

18. When he picks his wedgie

David Beckham Wedgie



19. When he says the word “beautiful” in his sexy British accent

David Beckham Hi Beautiful

20. He even looks sexy when he’s frustrated

David Beckham Frustrated 1

David Beckham Frustrated 2

21. When he casually speedboats away from destruction

David Beckham Speed Boat

22. Even 12-year-old Beckham was a stud


23. He’s so sexy, even inanimate objects want a piece of him

David Beckham Car

Like this car

David Beckham Loses Shirt 1

… and this bush

David Beckham Bushes

24. When he does his sexy version of Baywatch after a nice dip

David Beckham Swimming

25. Just imagine how sexy he looks while putting on clothes that make him more sexy




26. Have you seen him raise his eyes and smirk simultaneously?

David Beckham Smirk

27. When he adorably creeps around the corner

David Beckham Creeps Around Corner

28. Or when he rides a motorcycle

David Beckham Motorcycle

… and models next to it

David Beckham Motorcycle 3

29. Have you seen his abs? Probably.

David Beckham Shirtless Close Up

30. When you thought no one could ever make fast food look sexy, this happened:

David Beckham Smoothie

31. He wakes up like this … Every. Single. Day.

David Beckham Grabbing Cell Phone

32. He has the legs and glutes that can model any footwear

David Beckham Slippers

33. Whenever he shows off his tattoos



34. When he makes philosophical revelations


35. He makes falling in a suit look sexy


36. Wait … is he modeling or doing a press conference?


Or both


37. When he’s being charitable

David Beckham Giving 1

David Beckham Giving 2

38. He’s so sexy, he takes his own breath away


39. And of course … whenever he graces the red carpet


In a tuxedo


With his equally attractive wife, Victoria Beckham


[GIFs by Tumblr]