Did Lady Gaga Just Tweet Shade About Katy Perry?


Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have been neck and neck ever since the two superstars released new music in the same week last August.

But although the “Applause” singer has stated she has nothing but love for KP, she tweeted what seems to be some serious shade about her on Thursday, one day after Katy launched her Prismatic tour.

In Katy’s show, she rocks a green wig — a more vibrant color than the shade she recently dyed her previously-black hair — and rides atop an Egyptian-style steed for her hit “Dark Horse.”

To Lady Gaga’s credit, she has previously dyed her hair green … and she did ride a faux horse on the red carpet the American Music Awards last November.

Getty Images

Getty Images

Do you think Gaga has a point or is it just a creative coincidence?