Lily Allen Hospitalized for Suspected Food Poisoning


Lily Allen showed her fans her “travels were catching up with” her earlier this week by Instagramming a photo of cold medicine.

As the days went by, the singer continued to get more sick, yet still found time to create clever hashtags promoting her third studio album, Sheezus, which dropped May 2.

She captioned the below photo, “Prepping for @chattyman feeling a little bit #QUEAZUS and very #SNEEZUS green juice emergency.”

Later that day, Lily tweeted her first symptoms of food poisoning.

After Instagramming a photo of water bottles and adding #poisoned to the caption, many fans began to worry.

On Wednesday night, she posted a selfie in the hospital (above), writing “#SHEEzUS in #SHOSPITAL . I’m fine though guys, just need some fluids cause i can’t keep anything down. #dramz.”

On Thursday morning, Lill tweeted to fans an update on her health.

Allen is getting support from her friends as shown by her instagram Thursday morning featuring a present she received from her pal, Aimee Phillips.

Even through her illness, Lliy has found time to shut down negative comments about her album on Twitter. “This whole record is about being confused, i have no idea what i’m trying to say either, but why should i? its just music, not politics.” She then continued with tweets showing her confidence in Sheezus.