5 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank


Mother’s Day is tomorrow, which means if you haven’t gotten mom a gift yet, you’ve missed out on the shipping deadline (unless you spend a small fortune on overnight) … but fear not!

There are plenty of gifts for mom that don’t require much money, just a little time and a lot of love.

Show mom how much you care with one of the thoughtful gifts below:

Make a Photo Album



Even celebs like Ryan Reynolds understand the importance of a handmade gift. Play into mom’s sentimental side by making her a photo album chronicling your year together. If you have siblings, that’s even more photos you can include, and make the album a joint gift.

Prepare Brunch for Her

Take a cue from Ryan Seacrest and Chrissy Teigen … the way to mom’s heart is through her stomach. Whip up a delicious breakfast on her special day to thank her for all the meals she’s made for you. Just don’t forget the dishes afterwards!

Chrissy’s Breakfast Sandwich:

• 1 English muffin
• 1 3-oz uncooked patty of breakfast sausage
• 2 slices of American cheese
• 1 egg
• a little salt and pepper, if desired

– Form a sausage patty that is roughly the same diameter as the English muffin
– Split the English muffin in half and put it in the toaster (don’t start toasting it yet)
– Take out 2 small-medium skillets and spray them with cooking spray. Preheat them at medium heat.
– You’ll fry the egg in one skillet and the sausage in the other.
– Start frying the sausage, flipping every minute or 2 as it is browning
– While the sausage is going, also fry the egg
– Cook both the sausage and the egg thoroughly
– Once the sausage and egg are about ready, leave the sausage on its skillet and turn down the heat a little bit. Start toasting the muffin now so that it’s lightly toasted (not brown)
– And while the muffin is toasting, melt the cheese by putting one slice of cheese on top the sausage patty in the skillet. Then put the fried egg on top of that slice of cheese. Then another slice of cheese on top of the egg. Let them cook together for a minute or 2 til the cheese starts melting.
– The muffin should be ready right before the cheese melts. The sandwich is already ready to be formed so just remove the sausage/egg/cheese stack and put it in between the two muffin halves and it’s ready to go. Enjoy!

Make Her a Card and Buy Her Flowers (or Pick Them From the Yard!)



Remember when you were little and you used to make mom cards with your handprints on them? Chances are she still has those cards somewhere, and would love to add to the collection with a heartfelt, creative note from you. Sweeten the deal with a bouquet of her favorite flowers, and you’ll be sure to make her day even more special.

Show Your Love on Social Media

If you don’t want to break out the markers and ribbons for a hand-made card, do the tech equivalent and send her an Instagram or Twitpic. For anyone with a “tech savvy” mom, make a digital tribute to her greatness via Instagram or Twitter. She can cherish it (or re-post it), and so can everyone in your social networks. Katy Perry, Khloe Kardashian, and Ed Sheeran have all celebrated their moms this way.

Take Her to an Event



What better way to spend the day with mom then going to the movies, a play, art festival … anything that she would enjoy. Moms were the hottest dates this awards season, with celebs like Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Charlize Theron, who all made mama their plus-one. Make your mom feel like the star this year, too!