10 Best Lines From ‘Mixology’


With closing time quickly approaching, everyone on Mixology is looking to pair up with someone else.

With Tom working on getting Maya to go home with him, Ron and Liv looking like they’re going to couple up. and Cal and Kacey planning to meet up once she’s off work, that leaves Bruce in need of a partner.

Although he had been working on Jessica for most of the night (technically, season), it looks like hottie bartender Dominic is going to be closing that deal.

Will he win Jessica or can Bruce somehow convince her to go for a bearded redhead? Tune in to Mixology every Wednesday at 9:30/8:30c on ABC to see how everything unfolds!

Check out the 10 funniest one-liners from the 11th episode:
“For one tiny second, you were one percent more attractive.” — Jessica to Bruce about his flirting with Maya

“Why are you being so nice to ugly carrot?” Fab to Jessica, referring to Bruce

“I just had the best conversation with Maya about dolphins.” — Tom

“Every time I make a cocktail for someone, I think about my mom.” — Dominic

“I generally go for girls with two working eyes.” — Cal to Bruce, who is debating hitting on a woman with an eye wound

“I’ve only had sex with two guys in my entire life and they’ve both been from Connecticut … it’s the least sexual state.” — Liz

“Except not mom-just-got-murdered Bambi, like early, fun Bambi.” — Liv

“When I first met Tom I thought he was like this little girl in a corduroy jacket.” — Maya

“She is dirty, and not like sexy dirty, like I can see the dirt on her face. I guess I’ll just have to wash her first.” Bruce on “Burning Man”

“I do not want to watch Zoolander with you. And I definitely don’t want to go to the Brooklyn Bridge with you …. because it is extremely dangerous at night. I just want to go with him.” — Tom to Maya