Hero Cat Saves Little Boy From Dog Attack: Video


Tara the Cat lives by the motto “Cats rule, dogs drool.”

The Bakersfield, California feline is being heralded as a hero after she saved her human brother, 4-year-old Jeremy, from a vicious dog attack in their front yard on Tuesday.

In a video that quickly went viral after Jeremy’s dad posted it on YouTube, a neighbor’s labrador-chow mix can been seen spotting the boy, running up behind him, and then viciously shaking him … but not for long as Tara flies into the frame and pounces on the canine.

Not only does she knock the dog off little Jeremy, but Tara even chases after the dog to get him off the property. She then runs back to Jeremy to make sure he’s ok. Luckily, at the point his mother Erika had run to his side.

“I’ve never seen a cat do that,” said Roger Triantafilo, Jeremy’s father. “Especially ours. It just shows how much she really has a family-oriented mind set.”

Bakersfield Police spokesman Sgt. Joe Grubbs has said the dog will be quarantined for 10 days and then likely euthanized.