The Complete Guide to ‘I Wanna Marry Harry’ Premiere


The TV event we’ve all been waiting for is here … the premiere of FOX’s spoof dating show, I Wanna Marry Harry!

And it did not disappoint.

The episode begins with the 12 American ladies arriving at the “palace,” seemingly unaware who they’re there to potentially fall in love with.

“We think he’s British,” the first group to arrive confidently proclaims after taking a look around the mansion.


After a montage of “Harry” going through a crash course in all thing royalty, we get back to the female contestants. As they sit around and learn more about each other, the claws are quick to come out. When Karina reveals she’s 25-years-old, Meghan exclaims, “We’ve got another oldie!”

The ladies then head to the terrace for some afternoon tea … when they’re interrupted by a helicopter. They look on in excitement as their suitor hops out.

“That’s Prince Harry,” exclaims Andrea.

But Chelsea is none the wiser. “I hope I don’t sound ignorant saying this, but I really don’t know what Prince Harry looks like.”


During dinner, Kingsley, the prince’s personal butler, tells the women there will be a masquerade ball in the garden that evening, where they will get to know “Sir” better.

Of course, that elicited lots of cheers and woo-hoos. But all the excitement quiets down when they’re told that unfortunately one of them will be asked to leave the castle that night … so they better bring it at the party!


And they do. Not only are all 12 ladies dressed to impress, but they came prepared with rapid-fire questions to find out the true identity of “Sir.”

“What’s your name?” asks one the moment “Harry” joins them. “That’s for me to know and you to find out,” he responds.

One by one, the women bombard him with “How old are you?” “Are you a wild guy” “Is polo your favorite sport?” and “Where is your family? Buckingham Palace?”

“Harry” then chooses Rose for a one-on-one chat, and she’s so excited, she worries she might “pee in my pants” … but instead she nearly slips on the gravel. Luckily, her prince is there to save her before it can happen.

Back at the area where the single ladies are sitting, Maggie has been helping herself to the alcoholic beverages being served, and it’s starting to show. “My family loves to drink,” she announces. “I like to drink. We enjoy it … This is my fifth, right?”


Just like any fairytale, at the stroke of midnight a bell tolls, which signals that all the bachelorettes must take off their masks. One by one, they each remove the elaborate shields they had been wearing.

It’s then “Harry’s” turn. As he prepares to take off his mask, he worries that the girls may not find him attractive or that it might be obvious he’s not truly Prince Harry.

When he finally removes it, there are gasps and smiles. “It is him,” one of the girls whisper.


He then has to make a decision: Who will he send home and who will he select to spend the night in the Crown Suite?

Kingsley returns outside and instructs Leah, who danced awkwardly with “Harry” to go to the drawing room, while Rose, who flirted heavily with him during their one-on-one is sent to the library.


In the end, he asks Leah to leave the estate.

“I was myself and that’s all you really can do,” she says, clearly upset about being sent home on the first night. “There is a Prince Charming out there for me, just not Prince Harry.”


Obviously, Rose has the exact opposite reaction to getting the key to the Crown Suite. “When my new boyfriend gives me the key to the Crown Suite, it makes me feel [bleeping] good! … I feel like I have gone to fairytale heaven.”

Naturally, the remaining 10 do not feel as excited for her. “I feel like Rose isn’t good enough for Prince Harry,” sneers Andrea.

And Rose picks up on their true feelings. “Their eyes say, ‘I’m going to shank you in your sleep,” she explains.


Will they turn on her? Will she and “Harry” only grow closer in the Crown Suite? Tune in to I Wanna Marry Harry every Tuesday at 9/8c on FOX!