10 Best Lines From ‘Mixology’ Finale


It’s officially closing time on tonight’s final episode of Mixology … but who will go home with whom?

Last week, Liv seemed to be more interested in Tom than Ron and Tom questioned his feelings for Maya, but in the end they reconnected and got back on track.

Still, a lot can change in 30 minutes. Does that mean they’ll walk out of the bar together when the clock strikes 4 a.m.?

Check out the 10 funniest one-liners from the 12th and finale episode:
“Well, I’m not just any guy. I’m a man who wants to make sweet-ass love to you.” — Tom to Maya, trying to impress her

“I want to do something different, something no one has ever done. Something dangerous even. Something with elephants.” — Liv after she and Ron decide to take it to the next level

“You need to get the ice cream home before it melts.” — Bruce’s advice to Tom to take Maya back to his place quickly

“With every passing second, Maya’s realizing she doesn’t want to go home to that lava lamp of a body.” — Bruce to Tom

“You didn’t run his plates? Are you insane?” — Fab to Kacey about Cal

“Look how white your teeth are! I want to lick them!” — Bruce to the “pumpkin pounder”

“And for reasons medical science will never be able to explain, her fantasy is to have sex with me.” — Bruce explaining his “pumpkin pounder” to Jessica

“You don’t sound fine. You sound like someone just touched your butt on the subway.” — Liv to Maya, after she tells her about Tom and his ex

“You look hot when you run.” — Kacey to Cal at closing time

“Hey hairnet! Two orders of waffles on the double. Chop chop, you old bag of bones!” — Bruce, with Jessica at the the diner