Skylar Astin Returning for ‘Pitch Perfect 2’: See First Photo


Start preparing for some aca-awesomeness.

Filming for Pitch Perfect 2 is underway … and Skylar Astin is officially on board for the sequel, according to Deadline. On Wednesday, actor Ben Platt tweeted a photo from his first day on the set with Skylar.

The 26-year-old actor will reprise his role as Jesse, the lead vocalist for The Treble Makers and Beca’s (Anna Kendrick) love interest.

While Skylar maybe No. 1 in our hearts, he is not the only actor returning for the sequel. Elizabeth Banks will be returning to not only act, but direct as well.

“I feel completely confident with her at the helm because in the first one she was our lead producer,” Astin said in an interview with E! News. “Not a lot of people know that so she was there every single day… I know I get along with her and I know she can ask me to do anything and I will do it because I trust her.”

The Barden Bellas, including Anna, Rebel Wilson and Brittney Snow, are also returning for the musical encore.

Some new additions to the cast include new Barden Bellas Hailee Stienfeld and Chrissie Fit.

Pitch Perfect 2 is set to hit theaters May 15.