Tears, Wine, and ‘Sea Urchent’ Reigned on ‘I Wanna Marry Harry’


At the end of last week’s premiere of I Wanna Marry Harry, the “prince” chose Rose to get the keys to the Crown Suite … and get the chance to get a little closer to him.

But that honor quickly turns into every woman’s nightmare. While she’s brushing her teeth in the bathroom in her PJs, “Harry” (Matthew Hicks) just pops in to say hello.

“I have my toothbrush hanging out of my mouth and I feel like a ding dong,” Rose admits.

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While the remaining 10 women have breakfast downstairs, “Harry” and Rose dine in her suite. “I want to get to the bottom of this,” she admits to the camera. “I want to know who he is!”

The two then hop into his helicopter for their one-on-one date, while the women watch them take off from the dining room … and wish air sickness on Rose.

The two land on a private beach, where they share a romantic lunch with the prince’s bodyguards just feet away. Still, she works hard to get to know her date better, like what he does for a living and if he just happened to grow up in Buckingham Palace.

“Every girl envisions at some point in her life being a princess,” she tells the camera … and then she goes in for a royal makeout session.

Once the two head back to the mansion, where the other ladies are playing croquet on the lawn in heels, producers feel the need to kick up the mystery surrounding the prince, so they stage a security fiasco to get their attention, and of course, get them gossiping.


“If this guy is not Prince Harry, who is it?” wonders Meghan. “Maybe he’s a duke or a lord … maybe the son of someone.”

Later that day, seven of the women are chosen by Rose to play criquet with the prince, while Rose, Andrea, and Karina serve everyone tea. Andrea, for one, is mad because she’s sporty and competitive. “I want to show him I’m good at sports … maybe my criquet skills might do the trick,” she complains. “But I’m not playing criquet, I’m serving tea like a pioneer lady … I am in hell.”


After small chats with Jacqueline and Karina, the prince leaves and Kingsley informs them all that they will be joining “Sir” for a formal dinner that night “after which, one of you will be elevated to the Crown Suite and one of you will be leaving the estate tonight.”

During the fancy dinner, the ladies have a hard time figuring out how to eat the “sea urchent,” as Maggie puts it. Still, they do, in the hopes that it will catch Harry’s eye just in time before the midnight elimination.

When that time comes, Kingsley informs Andrea and Kimberly that they’ve been selected to have a private chat with the prince … which means that one of them will be leaving the estate.


In the end, Andrea is sent home. “To be quite honest, he’s not my type,” she says through tears. “I don’t normally go for a ginger with bad teeth.”

As Kimberly gets settled into the Crown Suite, the remaining ladies sit at the dining room table … and enjoy the leftover wine. “I think he wants a perfect little … um …,” Maggie stammers as she rubs her face. “He wants a perfect little … combination of bad girl he can have fun with, but the good girl he can take home to grandma.”

“The fact that you put a sentence together is kind of surprising,” Meghan tells her. “Stevie Wonder could see that Maggie knocks back the red wine a little too aggressively.”


Naturally, the truth upsets Maggie, who turns to her “drinking buddy,” Jacqueline, for support. Jacqueline then storms into Anna Lisa and Meghan’s room to defend her pal against “the mean girls,” and as expected, she’s not met with a lot of understanding.

“Your head is lodged so far up your a**,” Meghan tells her, “I could eat alphabet soup and s**t something out that made more sense than what you’re saying right now.”

I Wanna Marry Harry airs every Tuesday at 9/8c on FOX.