‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Lucy Hale Releases New Song, ‘Nervous Girls’


Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale just released a new single called “Nervous Girls” from her upcoming album Road Between!

She tweeted the news of the country track to her fans Tuesday morning saying, “About an hour until a very special song is released. For all you gals out there (and dudes) …I hope u enjoy ‘nervous girls.'”

Lucy revealed in an interview with SheKnows that just like any girl, she had her own insecurities.

“I think ‘Nervous Girls’ is one that speaks directly to my heart and will hopefully speak to other girls. It’s kind of uniting in a way and should almost bring comfort to other people, because ultimately all of our issues kind of root from the same emotion,” she said.

Getty Images

Getty Images

The 24-year-old’s debut country album is coming out on June 3, and can be pre-ordered now on iTunes.

Are you excited to hear Lucy’s new album?