Will.i.am, Cody Wise Debut Vine-Filled ‘It’s My Birthday’ Music Video


It’s finally here and it’s really weird.

Will.i.am and Cody Wise debuted the music video for their song, “It’s My Birthday” on Wednesday and it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Combining an array of Youtube, Vine, and Makers Studio artists, the video recreates some of their most viral clips.

At the 0:53 mark, they remake a viral moment from Jerry Purpdrank, a Vine star with over 4.3 million followers, featuring King Bach, a Vine star with over 6.6 million followers.

But that doesn’t even begin to touch on all the birthday madness in this music video. There’s twerking in a room with pizza as walls, will.i.am dresses up as a priest and Moses, and money pops out of cake.

For more vine remakes, will.i.am explains it all through his Vine channel.

What do you think of the collaboration?