Second Trailer for ‘Annie’ Reveals More of the Remake: Watch


More than two months after we got our first look at the Annie remake, the second trailer is here!

And this time, we get a closer look at the relationship between the orphan (Quvenzhané Wallis) and the “Daddy” Warbucks-like character, Benjamin Stacks (Jamie Foxx), who saves her from getting hit by a truck.

In the remake of the 1982 movie – which was based on the Broadway hit – Annie is swept off her feet by the mayoral candidate looking to soften his public image, while Cameron Diaz portrays Miss Hannigan, the mean foster mom.


Of course with Jay-Z as one of the producers of the film, you can expect some changes in the music, such as the modern beat to “It’s a Hard Knock Life.

Annie will be released December 19. What do you think of the modern-day remake?