Luke Bryan Falls Offstage During Concert in Charlotte: Watch


People Country‘s Sexiest Man is a little banged up.

On Thursday night during a concert in Charlotte, Luke Bryan slipped off the stage in the middle of singing and he fell hard in the floor area just in front of the first row of fans.

Immediately, security rushed to the country star’s side to make sure he was ok. Although in pain, Luke finished out the show before requiring some medical attention.

According to the fan who caught it all on video, Carly Pyatte, “I know it had to hurt. Although he continued on and put on the best show EVER!”

In February, Luke slipped offstage once again while performing in Greensboro, North Carolina.  What is it about North Carolina that makes me bust my ass?” he joked to the crowd on Thursday night, reports People. “Please YouTube that s**t!”

Looks like he got his wish! Let’s hope Luke watches where he’s going from now on.