‘I Wanna Marry Harry’ Pool Party Turns Into a Royal Twerkfest


England may be far from Las Vegas, but that didn’t stop the contestants on I Wanna Marry Harry from bringing a little Sin City to the mansion on Tuesday night’s episode.

But before the pool party-turned-twerkfest, it was Kimberly‘s turn for a one-on-one date with the “prince.” For their special day, the two share a ride aboard a hot air balloon … adorned with the Union Jack flag, of course!

While Kimberly and Prince Harry look-alike Matthew enjoy their time together, the remaining contestants back at the mansion are dealing with the fallout from their catfight the night before. It didn’t help that Meghan was eavesdropping on Jacqueline — who she refers to as “Tacky Jackie” — complaining about her to Anna Lisa.

“No offense, Columbus, but you were all over the map last night,” Meghan tells Jacqueline. “You didn’t even know what was going on in your head. And I feel like this conversation is going the same way.”


Back in the post-ballon ride forest, where Kimberly and “Harry” are having the second part of their date, the romance gets interrupted when paparazzi appear out of nowhere and start snapping away until security grabs them quickly. “I’m freaking out,” says Kimberly. “He’s obviously someone that people know really well. It wouldn’t surprise me if he is Prince Harry. And I’m going to be in a magazine!”

Jacqueline, Maggie, and Kelly have yet to get some one-on-one time with Sir, so the three are selected to go rowing with him. “Ya’ll this is just like The Notebook,” gushes Kelly when they get to the water.

She gets the opportunity to recreate the classic moment in the film when she and “Harry” head out on a rowboat alone. But her efforts to impress him backfire when she attempts a backflip off the boat — even though he warns her not to — and she hits her head with a sickening thud. Still, she gets rescued by her Prince Charming, who dives in after her to make sure she’s okay. (Don’t worry, she was!)


The ladies get one last hurrah with Sir before the third elimination … and it’s a pool party complete with a bar and a DJ! To further the idea that Matt really is Prince Harry, he dresses exactly like the real royal did when he infamously hit up Las Vegas.

Although “Harry” suggests a limbo contest, things quickly turn steamy … in the hot tub. First up is Meghan who turns on the charm and it wins her a makeout session. “I just made out with Prince Harry,” she exclaims afterwards.

The two return to the party, where things quickly become a royal twerkfest. Once Chelsea teaches them all how to do it properly, everyone is bumping and grinding by the pool, except for Carly, who says she has a 9-year-old niece back home.

At dinner, the ladies continue their discussion about who Sir really is, and they begin to wonder if perhaps he’s actually the son of Prince Charles‘ second wife, Camilla Parker BowlesKingsley then appears and summons Carly and Karina to meet with the “prince” … meaning one will be sent home and the other will be spending the night in the Crown Suite. 

In the end, the smartie who is studying “Cellular Molecular Biology with an interest in Ophthalmology ” is asked to leave the estate, while Karina returns to the group to share her happy news.

I Wanna Marry Harry airs every Tuesday at 9/8c on FOX.