David Unger Parodies ‘Star Wars’ in ‘Come Away’ Music Video


After winning RyanSeacrest.com’s cover contest of Drake‘s “(Hold On) We’re Going Home,” David Unger is now back with some music of his own.

And we have the premiere of his “Come Away” music video, which is a parody of Star Wars! [Buy here] In the video David flows in and out of reality, thinking he is in space destroying TIE fighters that are in his way – when in reality, he’s stuck in traffic. Proceeds from the song will be donated to Star Wars’ “Force for Change” charity. [Donate]

The success of the Drake cover competition brought David — whose YouTube channel has more than 3 million views and 20,000 subscribers — many interests from YouTube, ABC’s new show Rising Star, music producers, and a new team of people who want to help him advance his music career. David not only credits his success to his rabid fan base, but also to Coursera  and  Berklee School of Music for allowing him to continue his education online.

He previously released two albums, Stirring up the Echoes and Forever Never Maybe, which shot all the way to the Top 40 on multiple New Music Weekly charts.