UNLOCKED: Listen to Miranda Lambert’s ‘Priscilla’ & ‘All That’s Left’


After unlocking Miranda Lambert‘s duet with Carrie Underwood, “Somethin’ Bad,” last month, RyanSeacrest.com now has more of her Platinum album. On Tuesday fans unlocked “Platinum” and “Hard Staying Sober.” Then Wednesday fans unlocked “Two Rings Shy” and “Gravity Is A B**ch”!

Today’s songs are “Priscilla” and “All That’s Left,” and once this blog hits 2,000 Facebook shares, you will be able to hear them both! Platinum has been released, and is currently #1 on iTunes! Buy the album here!

Once this post reached 1,000 Facebook shares, and fans are now able to listen to “Priscilla” below!

Once this post has reached 2,000 Facebook shares fans will be able to listen to “All That’s Left” below!