The Fairytale Ends for 2 Contestants on ‘I Wanna Marry Harry’


Only nine princesses remain at the beginning of Wednesday’s I Wanna Marry Harry … and by the end of the episode, that number unexpectedly dwindled to seven.

Before that time, emotions were getting tense with them all fighting for “Harry.” To up to the ante, a Photoshopped portrait of Matthew and the real Harry’s older brother, Prince William is set out for Karina to see during her one-on-one breakfast date … and it does the trick!

“I’m not sure if I should tell [the ladies] what I saw,” she admits.

Still, she does. “I knew it!” says Meghan. “I knew it was Harry! … I made out with Harry!” While others, like Maggie, can’t believe they ever doubted it.


During the day’s activity, only two women (Maggie and Chelsea) are chose to be able to ride horses — and spend time with Sir — while the other seven must clean the stables.

While the unfortunate women joke about whether or not Maggie would be able to stay sober enough to ride a horse, the topic of her partying came up during her date with Sir and Chelsea … and when they got back to the manor, she brings it up.

Even after dinner, the back-and-forth continues upstairs, and Chelsea is not backing down.


While Karina and “Harry” go on their special one-on-one date — a helicopter ride over Buckingham Palace, no less — the remaining eight ladies enjoy lunch outside, and the conversation quickly turns to the man they’re all competing to be with. Is it really Prince Harry?

While Kelly keeps insisting Sir really is royal, Anna Lisa isn’t buying it.

Once again, the conversation quickly turns to Chelsea’s bad attitude. And when Anna Lisa tries to reason with her, she does not want to hear it.

I’m at the point I’m irritated and I’m over the edge,” she warns.


At dinner, there is one noticeable absence: Chelsea. While she sits upstairs pouting in her room, the remaining eight open up about their issues with her.

She’s still missing the next morning, until she requests a special meeting with Sir, when she tells him what has been going on … and it has convinced her to leave the estate.

With Chelsea gone, her nemesis Anna Lisa turns to the “prince,” and makes it her mission to determine whether or not he is Harry (she thinks he’s not). After a barrage of questions, Matt starts to sweat, but he puts her off nicely.

But after dinner, Kingsley comes in and calls her name to meet with Sir. The group immediately thinks she’s been chosen to stay in the Crown Suite since Chelsea left the castle … but then he comes back to call a second name: Kelly, who immediately starts crying.

Luckily for her, Anna Lisa is the one sent home. And even luckier for Matt, because as she leaves, she says, “I still doubt that he is Prince Harry, but who knows.”

I Wanna Marry Harry airs every Tuesday at 9/8c on FOX.