Ed Sheeran Puts Country Twist on Jay Z, R. Kelly, Drake, on MTV


We’ve heard some great cover by Ed Sheeran, from Sam Smith’sStay With Me” to Beyoncé’sDrunk In Love”… and now he has turned hip-hop favorites into country jams!

On Tuesday night’s Live From MTV, Ed picked song titles from a cowboy hat and was asked to sing country versions of them.

Not only did Ed make it work, but he looks supper adorable doing it!

He covered “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled, R. Kelly’sIgnition”, Jay Z’s99 Problems” and Drake’s song “Trophies.”

Maybe all that country had a slight influence on the British singer. The 23-year-old Tweeted Wednesday, “I’m in Texas, that means BBQ. Yes mate.”

What do you think of Ed’s country/hip-hop mash-up?