Celine Dion Responds to Man Stranded at the Airport


There’s nothing worse than being stuck at the airport overnight. The halls are practically empty, and Hudson News isn’t open to grab a magazine or a snack. But Richard Dunn, a lighting designer from Georgia, found a way to entertain himself on his overnight layover in Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport.

“When I got bumped from the flight I thought I need something here,” Dunn said on Good Morning America. He then started to Google songs about being alone for inspiration.

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.

The video, shot entirely on his iPhone, shows Dunn lip-syncing to Celine Dion’s classic “All By Myself” in the corridors of the empty terminal. Through a wheelchair, luggage tape, and moving sidewalks, Dunn created a highly-dramatized, yet comical story of his night alone in the airport.

“I put the wheelchair on the moving sidewalk and then I’d have to run and get in place and kind of lip-sync…and then I’d have to run to the end of the moving sidewalk to catch it when it came off, before it knocked over,” he said about his techniques.

The video got over 3 million views in just three days, one of those views being Celine herself! After seeing the video, the “My Heart Will Go On” singer sent a video message via TMZ to her loyal fan, calling the video “hilarious.”

“Next time you’re stuck all by yourself at the Las Vegas airport, for hours and hours, please be a guest at my show,” she said in the video.

After becoming a viral sensation (and getting free Celine concert tickets), Dunn’s video will forever make us feel bad for being lazy during a layover.