Ed Sheeran Gifts Taylor Swift a … Silver Plate?


And the award for “World’s Cutest Best Friends” goes to… Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift!

In a promo video released earlier this week for Ed’s MTV documentary, Nine Days and Nights, it was revealed that his BFF gifted him a Drake-inspired needlepoint for the holidays.

During the Live From MTV After Show for the documentary which aired Wednesday night, Ed shared his gift for Taylor — and it is just as cute!

“I got a plate, it was a silver plate with all the [Red] Tour dates engraved into it, which took a while to do,” Ed said. “I tried to hurry the dude up. … I didn’t want to say who it was for. I think he just thought I was a super fan getting Taylor Swift tour dates.”

Who knew a plate could mean so much?

Ed has been busy lately promoting his second studio album, X. In fact the 23-year-old singer will be releasing a new song at midnight every night for the next week.

Can’t wait to hear them, Ed! X will be released on June 23.