MAGIC! Talk About Mega-Hit ‘Rude’ — and Perform It In-Studio!


MAGIC! has had everyone singing along with their hit, “Rude.”

And on Thursday, the Toronto-based four piece-band — Nasri AtwehMark PellizzerAlex TanasBen Spivak — stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about it and perform the song for us.

So are the lyrics, about a father who disapproves of his daughter’s boyfriend, autobiographical?

“It was just kind of a crazy idea that ran through my head,” says Nasri. “It actually started off really dark. Like, ‘Why you gotta be so rude?’ I was in a fight with a girlfriend … we ended up flipping it.” (And Nasri split up with the girlfriend!)

After writing songs for others, Nasri met up with Mark in a recording studio and felt a sense of camaraderie with the guitarist. “I was like, ‘Dude we should start a band,'” he explains. “I always had this dream of doing a modern-day Police. And then next you know we call up a few of our friends and we became Magic.”

Sadao Turner / Ryan Seacrest Productions

Sadao Turner / Ryan Seacrest Productions

“Rude” is available on iTunes now and fans can also pre-order the band’s July 1 album, Don’t Kill the Magic here!

And for more information on MAGIC! and all of their upcoming tour dates, check out their site