Elsa From ‘Frozen’ Has a Real-Life Twin: Photos


We cannot let Frozen go.

And neither can Anna Faith because if an animated character and a real person could be twins, it would be Anna and Elsa.

Don’t believe us? Check out Anna’s Instagram feed. It is filled with Elsa-like moments!

Anna even went to prom as Elsa! Let’s hope it turned out better than Elsa’s first ball as queen.

Just like Elsa, Anna has a best friend… who happens to also look like Elsa’s sister in Frozen, Anna.

And they hang out with their pal, Olaf, because who wouldn’t love to hang out with Olaf?

The two even perform Elsa’s hit, “Let It Go.”

If you’re like us and are wondering, “Seriously, how can I get Elsa at my next party?” Visit her website for information on how to contact her!