James Franco, Seth Rogen ‘Interview’ Kim Jong-un in New Movie Trailer


James Franco and Seth Rogen come together again, not for another celebrity couple impersonation, but to interview Kim Jong-un in their new movie The Interview!

The Interview is about a celebrity interviewer, Dave Skylark (James) and his producer Aaron Rapopost (Seth), who miraculously secure an interview with the North Korean dictator (Randall Park) for their talk show Skylark Tonight, which Kim is a huge fan of in the spoof.

The Interview2

As the two prepare to leave for their interview, they are approached by the CIA who recruit the under-qualified men to assassinate the dictator. Dave and Aaron accept the mission and leave to the nuclear-armed North Korea to assassinate (interview) the dangerous ruler.

The film is co-directed by Seth, and Evan Goldberg, and hits theaters on October 10.

Seth Rogen/Twitter

Seth Rogen/Twitter

Do you think James and Seth have what it takes to come face-to-face with Kim Jong-un?