WINNER: Thomas Sanders Wins Favorite Vine Celebrity Contest!


Thomas Sanders is a vine celebrity with currently over 3 million followers! Within several seconds, he can make you laugh with his funny and relatable videos.

Vine isn’t the only place you can find Thomas’ videos. He is also on YouTube – singing, making parodies and vlogging. Be sure to check out his vine and YouTube page!


1st Place

Thomas Sanders

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2nd Place

Brittany Furlan

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3rd Place

Cameron Dallas

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4th Place

King Bach

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5th Place

Jerome Jarre

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6th Place

Nash Grier

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7th Place

Brandon Calvillo

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8th Place

Jack and Jack

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9th Place

Marcus Johns

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10th Place

Curtis Lepore

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11th Place

Jessi Smiles

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12th Place


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13th Place

Rudy Mancuso

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14th Place

KC James

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15th Place

Nicholas Megalis

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16th Place

Jerry Purpdrank

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17th Place

Brent Rivera

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18th Place


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19th Place

Matthew Espinosa

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20th Place

Simone Shepherd

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21st Place

Tasia Alexis

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22nd Place

Jordan Burt

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