Ed Sheeran Teases Another Track From ‘X,’ ‘Bloodstream’: Listen


Ed Sheeran does it again!

In promotion for his second studio album, X, Ed has been releasing a new song every day at midnight. On Monday, the singer treated us with “Afire Love” and Tuesday’s track didn’t disappoint either.

Bloodstream” is about his struggle finding love … and the only remedy for his broken heart is a nice bottle of red wine in his bloodstream.

“I’ve been spinning out for time,” the British-born singer opens the song. “Couple women by my side / I got sin on my mind / Sipping on red wine.”

In an effort to make his second album more kid-friendly, Ed has cut out all curse words from his tracks. “My whole album is clean,” he tweeted. “I took all of the explicit lyrics out after a taxi driver convinced me to do it for his daughter. That’s the truth.”

X will hit stores June 23. Until then, keep checking back for more of Ed’s released tracks and listen to “Afire Love” and “Don’t” below: