Ed Sheeran Reveals His Knight in Shining Armor at iHeartRadio Party


Even celebrities like Ed Sheeran need to be rescued!

At the iHeartRadio Album Release Party for his new album, X, on Tuesday night, the redhead shared that his celebrity hero was Gavin DeGraw.

Why? Ed explained that one night when he was pretending to play the drums with a couple beer bottles at a bar, he accidently sliced his hand when one of the bottles broke.

After trying to play it cool, he noticed his previously-white shoes had now been stained with blood, and he needed more than a Band-Aid to stop the bleeding.

Luckily, hero Gavin was at the same bar, and not only did he take Ed to the hospital to get stitches, but also drove him to Jack In the Box for some post-surgery snacks.

Sounds like a good friend to keep around, Ed!

Download his X album on iTunes here!