Coldplay Parades Through Sydney For ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ Video


To promote their latest album, Ghost Stories, Coldplay has been performing for fans around the world. But one of their shows took them to the streets of Sydney, Australia where they recently filmed the music video for their new single “A Sky Full of Stars.”

The camera trails frontman Chris Martin, equipped with a drum-kit and a bouquet of red tulips, as he strums his guitar and parades through a busy street in the Aussie town. The lead singer is also followed by hundreds of fans that responded to a last-minute call for extras posted on the band’s Twitter account on Monday night.

Martin later meets up with the rest of the band in a fan-packed square where the “Paradise” performers finish out the song in a carnival-esque concert, filled with colorful balloons, bubbles, and confetti.

Ghost Stories went straight to the top of the iTunes charts in more than 100 countries after its release, making it this year’s fastest-selling album.

Join in on the fun, and watch the video above!