Madison Beer Releases Vulnerable Video for ‘Unbreakable’


Justin Bieber‘s protégé just released her second major music video, this time for “Unbreakable,” and it’s definitely a breakthrough for this upcoming artist.

The video opens with Madison Beer sitting on a bench holding a black balloon that reads “Who am i.” Throughout the video, we are introduced to more teens with balloons that say “I hurt,” “I need,” and “I cut.”

The lyrics to this pop-country infused chorus go: “We’re gonna ride through fire like we’ve never been burned/We’re gonna laugh out loud like we’ve never been heard/We’re gonna shout it out to the edge of the world/We’re unbreakable, You’re unbreakable.”

The video takes a positive turn when a boy gives Madison a balloon that says, “You’re special,” followed with others’ balloons that read “I dream,” and “I matter,” in the midst of everyone letting go of their insecurities and their balloons in an open field by the end.

Beer, for those unfamiliar, is a 15 year-old singer who made her name on YouTube after JB gave her videos a shoutout on Twitter. With Justin’s stamp of approval, Beer’s music career has been booming.

Not only did JB sign Beer to SchoolBoy Records, but they also share manager and pal Scooter Braun.

Can we expect the two to release any music together in the future?

… We think the chances are pretty good!

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