Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley Shares 9-Month Sonogram of Daughter


Jenni “JWoww” Farley is so close to meeting her daughter, who is due any week now.

And in a new sonogram image the reality star posted on her website on Tuesday, we feel like we know her already!

In addition to the aww-inducing photo, JWoww, who is engaged to Roger Mathews, also shared how her pregnancy has been as she nears the end of it.

“My 8.5/9th month has been a bit crazy!” she wrote. “She finally popped and I feel like I’m walking around like a sumo wrestler lol! She’s causing pretty bad sciatica and even though my doctor said it is okay to take tylenol I like to avoid it all cost. So instead I tried an ice pack with a cloth side and guess what?… I’m the only person in June who got severe frost bite.”

Despite the discomfort, JWoww can’t wait to finally lay her eyes on her “chubby monkey.”

“But she’s perfect and because of that I’ll take all the back pain in the world!” she added. “I can’t wait to meet her in a few weeks!!!!”