Miley Cyrus’ 20 Most Interesting Instagram Posts


She’s just being Miley!

From Photoshop madness to topless selfies, Miley Cyrus‘ Instagram feed has seen it all. We took it upon our selves to scroll through the 21-year-old singer’s posts and find the 20 most interesting pictures. It was a challenge, but for you, we prevailed.

1. All of her bear-loving pics:

2. Remember her tongue?

3. She put on a wig and the world took a moment of silence to remember goody-two-shoes Miley Stuart.

4. She just can’t stop.

5. Her fake teeth phase will never die.

6. When she made her dog talk…

7. The most interesting thing about this is Insta is the face she is chewing with her mouth closed.


8. She was so adorable!

9. Miley is a hot dog!

10. … And a unicorn!

11. Remember her hospital selfies?

12. Seriously, enough with the fake teeth.

13. Turn up for Miley!

14. Her mother Tish Cyrus‘ birthday party looked like a blast!

15. The most beautiful of selfies

16. Yet she will still surprise us all with a simple, beautiful flower.

17. Her Photoshopped selfies give us nightmares.

18. Her Photoshopped anything gives us nightmares.

Even James Franco?

19. She’s just being Miley.

20. The most interesting photo of all is a throwback to young Miley before anyone knew the unpredictable pop-star she would become.