Top 5 Hair Trends This Summer


It’s summer, which means it’s time for a new hairdo!

Celebrities have been dying and chopping their hair left and right this year… and these are the top five trends to try out on your own tresses!

There’s no question that the bob haircut in back in and ombré still hasn’t left! Check out our top picks for the looks of the summer:

1.The Lob:

The first and most popular look is the Lob (long bob). Celebrities who are known for having long locks have chopped their hair into a lob… and they look great! The style rests right about shoulder length and can be kept naturally wavy, straight, or curled! Check out Hilary Duff, Ashley Tisdale, Lily Collins, and Taylor Swift all rock this look!

2.Short Bob:

If you want something shorter than the Lob, what better time than in summer to chop all the damaged ends into a classic bob… of course it’s a little more daring.
Jennifer Lawrence grew out her pixie cut and looks great in this short bob, as well as Emma Roberts and Kaley Cuoco.

3.Bold colored ombré:

Some may say that ombré is long gone… but a bold colored ombré is very much in this season. Some who have tried it are Kylie Jenner with her blue hair (although she recently went back to black), Katy Perry’s green hair, and Demi Lovato’s silver-purple ‘do! One alternative to dying hair is using hair chalk to get a funky color. You can have the temporary hue or streaks of color using hair chalk like Vanessa Hudgens did with her blue hair, and also at Coachella this year with pink, blue, and green strands!

4.Natural Waves:

No cut, no color… no problem! Let your hair take a break from all the curling and flat irons once in a while. Always great for the summer are naturally wavy locks, like seen on Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, and Blake Lively.

5.Pixie Cut:

Why not go all the way when it comes to hair? Miley Cyrus, Shailene Woodley, and Jennifer Hudson sure know how to make the most from their pixie cut.

What is your favorite hair trend this Summer?