Connor Franta Announces Departure From O2L: Video


Sad news today for O2L fans everywhere!

Connor Franta has announced that he is leaving the group after two years and will be starting “a new chapter” in his life.

In a video uploaded to O2L’s YouTube channel, Connor really opened up about what led to his decision.

“I like to think that I come across as a really happy, positive, in general well put-together person,” he began. “But that’s not always the case. To you guys, it may seem that way all the time because you only see portions of my life … the good portions, really. It’s not always that way. It’s not always good. I’m just a person … and I struggle a lot with a lot of things.”

After revealing that he’s been dealing with some personal issues, Connor continued that he’s been “a very unhappy person for the past six months now.”

Because of that, he says his videos suffered from a lack of “creativity and depth” and “I’m not okay with that.”

Despite his unhappiness, Connor stresses that the other five guys in O2L — Ricky Dillon, Trevor Moran, Kian Lawley, Sam Pottorff, and JC Caylen — will always be his “brothers. The O2L guys are literally family to me.” And because of that, “I do not want to stick with this channel and tear it down by not having my heart fully in it.”

Although he will no longer be a member of O2L, Connor also makes it clear he’ll still be a presence on Twitter, Instagram, and his own YouTube channel.

Soon after Connor made his announcement, #WeLoveYouConnor and three other hashtags began trending on Twitter, and he got some major social love from his O2L brothers.

The DigiTour also showed support for Connor and his decision with a tweet that read #WeLoveYouConnor along with a photo of the DigiTour bus emblazoned with O2L’s photo.

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