Selena Gomez Is ‘Behaving Badly’ in New Movie Trailer


Love can make one do some crazy things!

Expect anything from exotic dancers to priests when Nat Wolff falls in love with Selena Gomez in their new hilarious film Behaving Badly, a coming-of-age film about a high school boy, Rick Stevens (Nat), who falls in love with the beautiful and popular, Nina Pennington (Selena), and will do anything to win her heart.

The two find themselves on a journey involving strippers, a cougar, an overbearing ex-boyfriend, nuns and priests, the Mafia, sketchy drug deals, and Selena even accidentally slaps a cop in the face!

Selena Gomez

The young actress also shows off her sexy side when she appears in Rick’s steamy daydreams in a mini nude dress with a picture-perfect scenery behind her.

The R-rated film is based on Ric Browde’s novel While I’m Dead Feed the Dog, and is set to be released on August 1.