Temara Melek Glows in the Dark in ‘Fingerprints’ Video


Temara Melek has created an eye-popping visual video for her second single, “Fingerprints” … and RyanSeacrest.com has the exclusive premiere!

In her video, the singer — who has been dubbed the teen Katy Perry by the UK press — starts out wearing a simple black outfit while performing in a stark white room.

As it progresses, Temara and her dancers move to a red-lit backdrop before they all begin to glow in neon paint under a black light. 

“‘Fingerprints’ is a fun, upbeat song that you will want to dance and sing along to,” says Temara. “The video was so fun to create as it is dance and fashion based. I wanted something visual that brought those elements together. The best part of the video was the full body airbrush paint. It really added an extra flare. I really hope everyone can see the fun and hard work that went into creating this video.”

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