Elsa, Snow White, Ariel Go to Jail in ‘Frozen Is the New Black’


Not all Disney princesses are so innocent.

In a new spoof from YouTuber Only Leigh, Frozen‘s Elsa, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and more Disney princesses head to jail a la Orange Is the New Black … aptly titled Frozen Is the New Black.

After Elsa gets yelled at for reading one of Belle’s books — just as Taylor Schilling‘s character did in the Netflix series — she’s finally had enough and fights back. “Since I got here, I’ve been chased, attacked, and called Adele Dazeem, so can you please cut me some slack?”

If it wasn’t enough, Beauty and the Beast brute Gaston plays a nasty prison guard who doesn’t care when Elsa says she needs her tiara before posing for her mugshot. He then yells at her again later when she starts to sing her hit song, “Let It Go.”

“After ‘Frozen’ ends, ‘Frozen is the new black’ begins, as Elsa must serve time in princess prison for freezing the kingdom of Arendelle,” reads the video’s description on YouTube.