Yuna Finds Her Colorful Side in ‘Come Back’ Video


Yuna‘s brand new video for “Come Back” is finally here and has the exclusive premiere!

Yesterday, we premiered the teaser, which showed the Malayasian-born singer in all white in a colorless room building a “come back machine.”

In today’s video, we can now see the color brought into her life once she completes her creation and makes the connection! Watch below:

“I wanted to find a visually interesting way to show this inner conflict and duality and I thought that the idea of using a shadow seemed appropriate,” explains the video’s director Adam Patch. “It’s a mirror image of yourself, but still different. As I was exploring this idea, I came across the design work of an illustrator named Jason Ratcliff. He has a series of illustrations called ‘Walking Shadow’ that I immediately felt was a good match to the song and also to Yuna’s overall image as an artist.”

“Come Back” is the second single off Yuna’s Nocturnal album, which can be downloaded on iTunes here!