Katy Perry to Star in ‘Clueless’ on Broadway? Meet Our Dream Cast


Clueless writer and director Amy Heckerling is bringing the 1995 classic to Broadway … and we are totally buggin’!

And she has her eyes set on her ideal Cher. “Katy Perry has expressed interest, and I love her to death,” Heckerling tells Vulture.

But who should be her Dionne, Tai, Christian, Elton, and Murray? Check out our dream supporting cast of who we think should be rolling with the homies on Broadway.

And if you agree or disagree, you “should leave a note” in the comments section below!

Rihanna as Dionne (Stacey Dash)


First of all, she’s Katy’s BFF IRL, so Rihanna was kind of born for the role.

But throw in the fact that her style and hair are always on point just like Dionne’s, and the “Diamonds” singer is a platform shoe-in. Plus, we’d really like to see her version of the infamous freeway scene:

Hayley Williams as Tai (Brittany Murphy)


The Paramore lead singer has the spunk, the flannel, the crazy hair, and the sweet demeanor to breath new life into Tai, the new kid in school who gets taken under the wings of Cher and Di.

Also, we’d really like to hear her rendition of “Rollin’ With My Homies” at that Valley party:

Adam Lambert as Christian (Justin Walker)


Christian had some of the best style at Beverly Hills High School, which of course is why he quickly became the object of Cher’s affection.

Not only does Adam possess the same flare for fashion, but also Christian’s love of classic music. Not only is the American Idol alum currently on tour with Queen, but he also covered the likes of the Rolling Stones, Smokey Robinson, and Sam Cooke during his time competing on the show.

Drake as Murray (Donald Faison)


Backwards hats, gold chains, big smiles … the love of Dionne/Rihanna.

If we’re going to cast the “Stay” singer as Cher’s BFF, then we might as well put her opposite her on-off love (just as long as they’re not jeepin’ on each other!).

John Mayer as Elton (Jeremy Sisto)


Besides the physical resemblance (and their love of chunky sweaters), John has the same broody qualities we barely tolerated in Elton, who was a big fan of The Cranberries.

Also, playing a character who is constantly trying to woo Cher (and failing) could be good therapy for Katy and her “Heartbreak Warfare” singer ex, who have been on and off for the past few years.