Blink-182 Start Rehearsals for New Studio Album: Photos


Say it ain’t so!

Blink-182 announced that they are working on a new album and this is NOT considered a small thing.

Guitarist Tom Delonge posted a throwback Instagram photo on Monday of the trio back in the day with the caption, “Rehearsals start today… And yes there will be a new album #SorryForTheWait #Blink.”

Drummer Travis Barker, 38, also took to the social site to post  an image of himself on the drums adding, “#RehearsalLife #BLINK #EuropeanTour #NobodycaresGoharder.”

The pop-punk band — whose hits include “What’s My Age Again?” and “Adam’s Song” — last released new music with the studio album Neighborhoods, in 2011.

Additionally, the band is heading to the UK to headline the Reading and Leeds Festivals later this month.

Are you excited to hear that a new album is in the works? Comment below with your favorite Blink 182 song and what you hope to hear on the new album!