Chris Brown Plays Surgeon in Drake and Blake Griffin’s ESPYs Skit


The beef between Chris Brown and Drake is long gone!

It was all about “Drake vs. Blake” in this hilarious skit on Wednesday night’s ESPY Awards when host the rapper and NBA star Blake Griffin become enemies.

The pre-recorded skit shows the two friends turn into rivals and play practical jokes on one another for revenge, including one where the basketball star sneaks in to perform surgery on Drizzy with a special guest… Chris Brown.

The scene shows the “Headlines” singer on the surgical table startled to see Blake as his surgeon. The camera then turns to Chris holding some pretty sharp tools to perform the surgery shouting out “YOLO!”

The “surgeons” even managed to take a “surgical selfie” in this photo Tweeted by the ESPYs.

After the skit, Breezy also popped up on stage with Blake and referred to himself as “America’s Sweetheart” with a video of Drake tied up in the background.

Drake- Chris Brown- Blake Griffin

So who do you think won this battle, Drake or Blake… or Chris?