Dave Franco and Conan O’Brien Join Tinder on ‘Conan’: Watch


To swipe left or right? That is the question!

At least it was for Dave Franco and Conan O’Brien Thursday night on Conan.

“For months now I’ve been listening to all the young people in my office talk about Tinder, a social networking site where you can find people in your area you’ve never met,” O’Brien said in the video clip. “… Naturally, because I’m a creep, I’m intrigued to find out about this.”

The Conan host, not wanting to venture into the Tinder unknown alone, called upon “a young, hot Hollywood stud,” aka the Neighbors actor, to be his partner-in-Tinder.

The two carefully decide on their profile pictures, create fake names, and then go on the prowl.

After a few matches, Franco and O’Brien decide to put Tinder to the ultimate test and meet up with their favorite Tinder match, Courtney, and the rest is everything your heart would hope from a Tinder date.

What do you think of Dave and Conan’s Tinder antics?