Celebrate Cher Lloyd’s Birthday With Her 21 Feistiest Moments: GIFs


Happy birthday, Cher Lloyd! The Sorry I’m Late artist celebrates her 21st birthday on Monday.

The British singer-songwriter, who skyrocketed to fame after competing on The X Factor UK, is not only known for her swagger and infectious music, but also for her hardcore persona.

In celebration of her birthday, here are Cher’s 21 feistiest moments:

1. When she made it clear that other girls can’t compete with her

Cher Lloyd She Ain't Got A Thing On Me

2. When she wore her bandana like Tupac and talked about her stubborn work ethic

Cher Lloyd Tupac

3. When she walks, she walks with attitude

Cher Lloyd Camera

4. She doesn’t care what anybody thinks and she does what she wants

Cher Lloyd Don't Care

5. When she treats her mugshot like a photo shoot and strikes a fierce pose

Cher Lloyd Mugshot 3

6. If you give her bad vibes, she’ll give you the “stank face”

Cher Lloyd Stank Face

7. She gets down when she hits the stage


8. When she looks you up and down to see if your swag is worthy of her attention


9. Her eye roll is a combination of sexy and sassy


10. When she rocks the dark eye shadow and speaks with conviction


11. When she made this guy shine her shoes while she made it rain


12. When she tells you to “talk to the hand”


13. When she looks at you with sultry eyes and tells you to come closer


14. When she raps, she lives in the moment


15. When she grinds her hips in a crop top


16. When she kicks it with Demi Lovato, her feistiness reaches a whole new level


17. She’s not afraid to tell you to be quiet … not even the police


18. When she shrugs her neck and gives you serious attitude


19. When she gently caresses her hair and leans in for a diss


20. She can go from a cute and adorable girl


to a fierce bad girl in .5 seconds


21. But don’t hold her feisty attitude against her. It’s only because she’s passionate about what she does

Cher Lloyd Passionate

[GIFs by Tumblr]