Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Tease Jazz Album With ‘Anything Goes’


This surely isn’t your average duet.

Lady Gaga and jazz legend Tony Bennett released the video for their single “Anything Goes,” while “recording LIVE with the band. No autotune. No tricks. Pure jazz,” Gaga said in a tweet.

The video features the duo in the studio, joking, smiling, and enjoying the style that they are singing.

But that’s not all …

To announce the release of their album collaboration, Gaga and Bennett appeared on the Today Show on Tuesday morning, pulling up in a classic Rolls Royce with the title of their album, Cheek to Cheek on the rear window.

The jazz duo had lots to say about their new album and working together in the studio.

“He’s a legend and it’s a total honor to be singing with him. He’s really changed my life asking me to sing this record with him,” Gaga told Carson Daly on the show.

“It was a wonderful experience,” the 87-year-old stated.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the “Bad Romance” singer revealed, “I was so nervous when I first went in the studio with him. I told everybody … I just want him to hear that I have an authentic jazz voice, and that I’ve studied jazz, and if he can hear that, everything will be okay.”

The 28-year-old artist even got a tattoo of Miles Davis‘s trumpet drawn by Mr. Bennett himself.

Watch the full interview from Top of the Rock in New York City below!

Cheek to Cheek comes out September 23.

Listen to “Anything Goes,” now available for download on iTunes.