Lana Del Rey Dresses as a Bride in ‘Ultraviolence’ Teaser


Lana Del Rey released “Ultraviolence” in June and the gloomy track is about to get an equally as gloomy video.

The 29-year-old singer has been teasing pictures on her Instagram for the past week, but Vice’s Noisy answered our prayers and released actual footage from the video on Monday.

In typical Lana-style, the video looks vintage and has no smiles. She is dressed in all white holding a white bouquet and walks herself to the altar, where she kneels before her big day.

The video ends with Lana looking over her shoulder. Who does she see? What happens next?

The “Shades of Cool” singer has yet to announce a release date for the video, so for now, enjoy her “Ultraviolence” Instagrams and let us know what you think the rest of the music video will entail.