Watch Lyric Video for Brad Paisley’s ‘Perfect Storm’


Brad Paisley has been leaking sips of his upcoming 11th album, Moonshine in the Trunk … and now, has the exclusive premiere of the lyric video for one of its tracks, “Perfect Storm.”

The visual begins with a glimpse of the back of a red car (with the country singer’s image in the distance). Once the trunk opens, the cover of his album pops up onscreen.

After it disappears, the red background remains as the lyrics from “Perfect Storm” flash across the screen … the verses in black and the chorus in white.

Check out the tracklisting for Moonshine in the Trunk:

1. ‘Crushin’ It’
2. ‘River Bank
3. ‘Perfect Storm’
4. ‘High Life’
5. ‘Moonshine in the Trunk’
6. ‘Shattered Glass’
7. ‘Limes’
8. ‘You Shouldn’t Have To’
9. ’4WP’
10. ‘Cover Girl’
11. ‘Gone Green’
12. ‘JFK 1962′
13. ‘American Flag on the Moon’
14. ‘Country Nation’

Moonshine in the Trunk is out August 25, but fans can pre-order it now on iTunes … and get an instant download of “Perfect Storm.”